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Jackie Wilson is an extremely talented writer who employs her creativity and experience to enhance her writing. She is a pleasure to work with and always receptive to any suggestions and feedback. She has a wonderful ability to captivate readers and keep them engaged throughout her story as she describes, in detail, the world around her. Her chapter in the book Knocked Up Abroad has been positively received by readers and I would highly recommend Jackie for any project requiring a strong writer.

Lisa Ferland

Knocked Up Abroad

Jackie is an absolute delight to work with. She is quick to respond and understands the importance of deadlines (there are many who don’t!).  If you want someone who injects personality into a piece, you can’t go wrong with Jackie.

Mia Amran

Managing Editor, Purely B

“My favourite writer on PurelyB – love her distinct style and unassuming flair in expressing her thoughts so succinctly and explaining what appears complex, so simple to comprehend. So professional and a pleasure to work with”.

Joey Azman

CFO, Purely B Group

Jackie was bonda Magazine’s Expat in KL columnist for over 2 years and in the year I worked as Editor of the magazine, I found Jackie’s work was always of the highest standard. Jackie required little guidance from myself in developing ideas for her articles and they were always written with the magazine ’theme’ in mind. She consistently submitted her work on time and when editing the magazine, I found Jackie’s articles would be one of the few that I quickly scanned over as I knew it would not require too many (if any) edits. Jackie was a great contributor to the magazine and her articles definitely contributed to the overall quality of the magazine – we miss her! I have no hesitation in recommending Jackie to your organisation.

Alison Fellows

bonda Magazine Editor , ibu Family Resource Group

I have worked with Jackie over the course of the past year, as Editor of the ABWM magazine – aimed at expat members of the Association of British Women in Malaysia. I suggest a monthly theme for my small team of writers to address each month – these can be on lightweight issues such as shopping and eating around Kuala Lumpur, or something a little heavier, such as dealing with change and helping your family cope successfully with transition. If the topic didn’t work for a particular writer, they had the option to go ‘freestyle’ and do their own thing. However, Jackie always rose to the challenge, producing a piece on time and to the word count (a rarity!), which hit exactly the right note with our readership. I always looked forward to receiving her pieces, as I knew that they would be well written, amusing and informative and would require minimal editing.

Julie Broadbent

Editor, ABWM magazine