Every year since my son turned three, I’ve written a little blog post about him on his birthday. Today he turned seven. I got an email from a website I signed up to when I first had babies that has sent me regular age specific updates ever since. Today it said something along the lines of congratulations, you are in for an awesome year with your seven year old.  Seriously, I was like, can this kid actually get any more awesome?


It probably doesn’t require saying as I am his Mum, but I bloody love this kid. Sometimes, if I just want to feel a jolt of joy or antidote to feeling any negative emotion, I just go and find a way to interact with him. Even if he’s asleep, I’ll flick on my phone light and go and have a gaze at him sleeping.

He’s a crazy banana, I think I’ve said it in every blog I’ve written on his birthdays, he lives his life at extreme ends of scales; full of joy or full of rage – but by that I mean cute, short-lived and completely non threatening rage. He doesn’t like the end of fun.  Basically, he doesn’t like to endure a change of state and often his brain doesn’t catch on to the fact that the change can often be a better one. Snack time however, is always fine.


He still struggles a bit with reading and writing and he doesn’t like struggling with it either. Not seeing what a grown up wants him to see on a page makes him sad.  As his Mom I can see that. I can see that it isn’t laziness or disinterest. He just doesn’t see it like other kids might, he will though. In some ways, the current homeschool climate, I think is great for Ben. He can try this stuff just with Mummy, no pressure, no other kids doing better around him. I see the joy on his face when he gets It right and the pain when he knows the answer the grown up wants just isn’t in his head yet. It will come. This week we smashed his yellow list (so nur.)

My two absolute favourite things about my Benny though, are that he is proper funny and proper sensitive. If ever I am down, he is right there, his little face looking up at me, a little hand on my arm – then he will pull his ace card: the jig. It’s the best thing ever.  Maybe a year ago, Ben had a part in a little kid’s show. “Pirates Past Noon”. He didn’t have to do much, but then no one puts MY baby in the corner. During a quiet “chorus” interlude, he saw his chance and completely free-styled his jig.

Not knowing I was his Mum, the man next to me in the audience said smiling, “that kids doing his thing,” I just beamed. Yes sir, yes, he is. He was my star of the show in my eyes, I couldn’t have been more proud of that crazy little jig. Every time since, if he’s noticed I’m a little bit down, he’s pulled the jig card.  It has worked every time.


Ben is ben. His face is always threatening to break into a smile and when it does, it’s with every muscle of his little face. If you are funny enough to make him laugh, he will laugh till he almost can’t breathe and so will you.

He feels the world. I love him so much because I do too. And that laugh, that face, that jig, will always make things better.


Happy 7th Birthday Ben, never stop jigging my lovely little mate.