I have an excellent friend who often reminds me to be mindful.  Fairly often I will message her with a woe or a problem, sometimes rational, more often less so.  Very often it will be completely over -(self)analysed.  She will listen, she will sympathise and soothe and make suggestions and ultimately finish with – Be in the present Jackie.  She is wise.

And so, today I was just thinking about the present and decided it would bring me joy to report  2 things from my recent presents, both generated by my children.  One thing from each.  For no other reason than doing so makes me happy, I am writing  and sharing these things:

Thing 1:  Holly dancing.

So, this girl, my daughter, she’s always dancing.  She’s always wanting to practice dancing, teach dancing, choreograph shows, do recitals, host recitals in our house as if it’s The Albert Hall.  She’ll turn 400 cartwheels while watching TV (thunk thunk… MIND THAT CUUUP!!!!).  On the trampoline in the garden she’ll bounce while singing, talking to an imagined audience.  “Mom* come and watch my show!” she’ll say and full disclosure, my heart will sink because her shows take 3.5 hours minimum and I’ve got to like… cook stuff.

Anyway, yesterday I was dog tired for some reason, just lying on a sofa – a captive audience.  She saw her chance and took it.  Mom* watch this and so I did.

A5C19515-41FD-461F-89C2-0B015F3AB740 2

Holly opened her laptop to play a song from Aladdin (“Friend like me”).  We’d just seen the musical together the weekend before.  And she danced.  Oh my gosh, dear … anyone (if anyone) reads this, it was *swear word* AMAZING.  It had high leg kicks, drop splits, head rolls, miming to lyrics with musicality.  I was stopped in my tracks. “Who showed you that dance Holly?”  I asked.  “No one Mom, I made it up.”  (Waaaaaaaah).

“What are you crying for Mommy*”

“Just you baby, just you.” (I did reiterate the happy nature of the tears)

Thing 2:  Ben, being Ben

So, my other kid, Ben, well he’s very different to Holly.  He is also one of the most mindful humans I have ever, ever met.  He’s 6, so he probably lacks short and long term memory as opposed to some deep buddhist nirvana, but if anyone lives in the moment it’s this guy.

Anyway, he has this innate and probably genetic ability to just CRACK ME UP and, like most boys his age, he has an obsession with butts, poop and farts.

Yesterday morning, I went running at 5.45am.  I got back and he’d just woke up, so, I ditched the sweaty running clothes and got back in bed for a snuggle.  I was busy doing my usual, editing the run pic I’d taken for Strava.  Today, adding the words STRONG to a pic of me, Quez and Stacy illustrating our response to Kara Goucher (I never said I wasn’t pointless).

IMG_7497 2

This then happened.

Ben: “MOM* take a picture of my butt!”

Me:  “errrrrrrr.”

Ben stands up on the bed, DOES NOT do a moony, but stands showing me his behind.  So, I snap it.

Ben: “Mom* add this to it… giggles:  MY BUTT IS STRONG”


Me and Ben:  ROFLOAO

Now this may seem possibly infantile and silly to some, but to me, it was just a sign of a kid who does not and will not take the world too seriously and who will ALWAYS tip his head back and laugh like a drain if the moment demands it.

That’s it.  Be PRESENT my lovelies!


*MOM.  My kids are American now.  It’s done *sigh*.