…has got to Season 1, episode 5 and I’m throwing in the towel. I don’t want this post to be an “I’m too cool to even like GOT” thing. On the contrary I know that everyone’s opinion of this series is their own business and my opinion matters nil. I just sort of want to write about it anyway.


So, my journey began, I think, when I lived in Malaysia 4 or 5 years ago. Some of the coolest, cleverest people I knew were watching it and quoting it and all sorts and it was a club I wanted to join. I watched one and was like, oh… OK. Then, as no one would care either way what I did, I didn’t watch any more.

In subsequent years, as new seasons have come and gone, my FOMO got worse, but I chose to put the “thing” in the metaphorical box with learn front crawl, train myself to do the splits and read Pillars of the Earth (#3 tick! YAY).   Anyway, recently … GOT ended! I thought OK yes, this thing is now finite. I worked it out. It was 72 hours of viewing to watch the whole thing start to finish.

We had done this a few years back with Breaking Bad and that was an awesome experience. Other great binge “watchathons” have included every season of 24 and Prison Break and 13 Reasons Why. (Didn’t get passed episode 1 of The Wire though for some reason – or Dexter).

See these below… all of ’em.  Done.

Screenshot 2019-06-15 at 5.10.03 PM Screenshot 2019-06-15 at 5.09.40 PM Screenshot 2019-06-15 at 5.08.39 PM

Anyway a few weeks ago, we settled in to those 72 hours. The first episode didn’t grip me the 2nd time round either, but I was keen to stick with it and went straight into the second. I was like, OK, yeah, tell me more then. This followed with 3, 4 and 5 and then… ball of tumbleweed crosses lounge.

Here’s the interesting thing – to me anyway. I just realised I wasn’t looking forward to the kids being in bed so I could watch it. Not in the way I did with Breaking Bad or to see what Jack Bauer would do. And today I admitted it to myself: This is supposed to be entertaining you. Life is too short. And most importantly, no one cares if you watch this or not. AND it’s finished so when you do finish the 72 hours, no one will give a shite if you approved of the ending either.

And so, that’s it. I will never graduate from watching GOT.

I would just like to end with these things:

  1. Things I liked about GOT
  • Great characters! I love Sean Bean/Stark’s daughter Arya and if it’s OK to say, I found Tyrion quite sexy. That jumped up little Prince bloke.. eurghhh and the weird brother and sister (I remember her from Soldier Soldier.. anyone?)
  • I can’t think of other things L I would say the bonking but all that was quite nasty until the blonde one decided to call the shots with the scary bloke (you need to remember I didn’t pass episode 5). *just something I noticed… they all seemed to bonk doggie style – was that the way in medieval times?
  1. The 1 thing I didn’t like

I think this boils down to this: It was all so bleak, and cold, and everyone was dirty… not just in a perv way (but there was that too)… but no one ever got clean… and did I say… it was always cold, like in a bad way. Maybe it got warmer in future seasons. I guess I’ll never know.

  1. Confessions on the kind of person I am that probably explains all this:

OK, this is like dissing Bob Geldof I reckon (I never would)… but:

  • I only read 1 Harry Potter and watched 1 film and that was it
  • I hated the Lord of the Rings film and literally couldn’t tell you a thing about it
  • I didn’t think 50 Shade of Grey (books and films) were that bad

So, there it is. My opinion counts for nothing.

I truly wanted the GOT experience, but because I’m almost certainly in the second half of my life I’m parking it. I tried. I entered the ring. I still think all it’s fans are cooler. And hey, nothing bad will happen because of this.

It is known. The End.