Today is my son Ben’s 6th Birthday.  I have sort of got in the habit of writing him a blog love letter on this day for the past few years so, here we go again beautiful Benny!


Oh my baby!  This kid!  I’m sure there is a point where little kids stop being cute and start descending into Kevin and Perry territory (Americans reading this, google FAST SHOW, KEVIN & PERRY), but we are still not there.  My Ben is still getting cuter.  Before I continue, I have to say, there is no favouritism here, my kids are each opposing sides of my own personality in my opinion.  Holly is the me who studies, complies, people pleases and achieves.  Ben is the me who is well, just a little bit of a mischief really, but also the side that sees the fun in life and refuses to take anything too seriously.


Because of the way my world has worked since Ben was born (he was born in Kuala Lumpur to the sound of a multi cultural group of nurses shouting harder, harder, longer, longer – *in reference to pushing him out and the background tune of Vanilla ice), and since then in the school and childcare systems of 3 continents, I think I’ve spent more time with him than any other person ever.

Oh golly and do I love him.


Yes, he still screams like a wild cat at the end of any fun.  Yes, he loves “potty words” (Taylor Swift? What about Pooper Swift?).  But yes, he still throws his head back, opens his mouth as wide as it will go (WIDE!) and laughs like a drain at stupid stuff.  OK, he’s struggling at reading, but I know he’ll get there.  I’m his Mum, I practically am a book.  But, hey, this is the kid.  This is the kid you want in your life if you are going to get through this crazy shizzle with a smile on your face.


And so, to my Ben, when you do get round to reading this, know how you are loved.  Know that  Mummy looks at you whenever she needs to smile.  Know that when you throw your head back and laugh my heart grows a bit in my chest (maybe now you can sort of stop the tantrum bits though… coz, well, you know, 6 and all that??).

Benjamin Hamilton Wilson, you do you.  Mummy loves it.  The world needs you.