A little summary of week 10’s training:


This! (43 miles, a birthday and a race)

By some unforeseen glorious means, week 10 turned out to be a down week!  I probably shouldn’t sound so pleased about that, but hey!  A down week in marathon training terms ain’t no cushiony chair, especially on my plan where it still consists of 43 target miles!  Anyway, 2 highlights to report:

  1.  Celebrating Rebekah’s Birthday

I have been known to say I never met a runner I didn’t like.  I believe it remains true.  There are however runners we have in our networks who are special.  Mrs Vasquez is one of them.  Non-runners may expect runners to celebrate birthdays by a nice day off from it.  NOPE! We celebrate by more running, just with added cupcakes and in this instance, “special orange juice”, 6.37 miles and  331ft of elevation.  (Happy Birthday Dunne Girl.  Love you.)

2.  The Heart Mini 15K Race

I wanted to take part in this event mostly to get to experience some running in downtown Cincinnati where the Flying Pig is going to take place (albeit a different course).  I had heard that it was a lovely event for a great cause – “but was a bit hilly and there is this bit called Torrence Hill… but don’t worry about it or anything”.  So, I entered, swapping it in for the dreaded 7 mile threshold pace session that would’ve been in this coming week.

I shall report on this race by the medium of graphs:

it's "a bit hilly" - errr yes! yes it is.

it’s “a bit hilly” – errr yes! yes it was.

And I shall demonstrate what happened to my own heart on Torrence Hill:



But, I got 4th in my age category and properly loved it.  It was truly exhilarating.  I got to see, high 5 and scream at several friends.  There were of course plenty of down hills to enjoy and I got to experience downtown Cincy running again.

My Weekly Inner Philosophical Debate:  A bit of loving on The Flying Pig.

In this section I wanted to thank one of my fellow MRTT runners Jody,  who I got to run some lovely miles with last week.  Whilst chatting I found out that Jody had run the Pig 3 times, so naturally I asked for tips.  What she told me warmed my soul and I think pretty much reframed my whole perspective on what I’m doing here.  Last year was the 20th annual Flying Pig event (Jody’s husband has run every one) and part of that was a celebration of the run itself.  Jody told me how that had made her feel so proud to get to be part of a race that is held in such high esteem, not just in the local running community but on the wider US stage too.

And I really got this.  The Flying Pig half was the first race I did after moving to the USA  2 years ago.  It was definitely a medal I am proud of.  I got mid way through training for the full in the subsequent year but had to defer due to injury.  I attended the race and cheered my friends in with a loud speaker at mile 25 through tears of envy and pride.  Now I’m going for it again.  I’ve made it about qualifying for Boston, mainly to give myself a challenge beyond the sub 4, but quite honestly, deep down, I really, really just want to run THE FLYING PIG.


I’m not sure I should say this out loud, but whilst I would love to be able to say I qualified for Boston, I don’t think I would ever actually run it.  I guess for me, I’d just like to be able to think of myself as a runner who could.  Running the Flying Pig, though, well this feels special in itself.  It’s a race with personality. It’s a race with hills.  It’s a race people who run it are proud of.  I want to be among them.  If I don’t qualify for Boston, if I don’t sub 4, but run through that “Finish Swine” on Sunday May 6th my heart will be full.

Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 5.16.55 PM

This coming week’s to do list (week 11 of 18)

  • Medium Long:  12 miles (easy pace)
  • Long: 20 miles (second one)
  • Other: Would have been 7 mile LTP (substituted by Heart Mini 15K/9.3 miles @ 7:58mm)
  • Other:  6 x 100 strides

TOTAL WEEKLY MILEAGE:  55 (peak week)

Let’s do this!

*Note:  you will see in my photo montage, I read Run Less, Run Faster.  I did this from book FOMO and to understand what it was all about.  In a nutshell and I credit this to Kelly:  It is about running less, NOT working less.  The principle is simply to replace recovery runs with “other” hard cardio.  It’s not about short cuts.  It’s a great book.  *Whispers:  I just have no desire whatsoever to run less 😉