This week I completed all my runs but it was just a week that was dimmed by tragedy.  In the town where I live and train, Mason, Ohio, a little girl, aged 10 died.  On Thursday morning we started getting notifications that this had happened.  Sable Gibson had a strep throat and flu on Tuesday, much like it seemed did most of Mason.  On Wednesday she went into cardiac arrest and died.  That was it.  Gone.

My daughter didn’t know Sable, I have never met the family.  Half the people I do know in Mason do, the other half don’t.  I’ve not met one person not devastated by this news.  Its worst fear territory. It’s something that if you even speculate something like it happening you have to stop thinking because even that hurts.

The community here went into overdrive in that kind of helpless, but we have to do something way.  This very much included the running community.  Kids got held tighter. I personally could only really bear to think about it in tiny bursts because it was too much.  And just that gives me even a tiny perspective of what that family is going through.

Sable Gibson loved the colour pink.  Mason took that to it’s heart and right now you will see pink ribbons tied around trees throughout neighbourhoods.  As runners, we wore pink as we ran among the these trees and thought of her, cried for her and contemplated our own souls.

As runners, we frequently turn to our runs in tragedy.  So many of us run races in support of charities that are working to address issues that cause us pain.  Maybe we run to redirect pain, maybe for distraction, maybe to think, maybe it’s just because we need to feel alive.  And we must, because even a long life is short and isn’t guaranteed for anyone.

Sable Gibson, these runs are for you and I promise to try to live harder, love stronger and be more present in every moment.  Rest in Peace, beautiful girl.