What happened last week:

All in all it was another good one.  There was nothing especially dramatic in this week’s plan – save for the threat of a significant dump of snow Friday night (*that happened, but all was fine).  As with all my marathon training I aim to do my medium long one alone on a Monday.  It’s sort of become a sort of special little ritual.  I get up at 5am-ish, the world is quiet and off I go. I love running with company but I do also love my loner Mondays.  This week I had some cool playlist recos from my mate Richard.  I particularly enjoyed “First Light” by Lindsey Stirling (it was) and “Whatever it Takes” by Imagine Dragons which felt appropriate for marathon training because its basically what we do.  I did my 10 x 100m strides alone on a track in the dark.  There were definitely red eyes in them bleachers, great for pace.

My week in pictures

My week in pictures


And with THIS girl

And this one with THIS girl

On my rest day I did a Pure Barre class, lead by my awesome buddy, Crystal.  It was proper cool.  High energy, classy, tough (I managed about 60% of what Crystal did and with much less panache), but you only have to look at C to know that BARRE works.

What’s on the menu for week 3:

Key runs for this week: 

  • Medium Long: 10 miles (easy pace)
  • Long: 14 miles
  • Other: 4 mile LTP (target pace 7:40mm)

Coaching tips for the week

Since starting this blog, a few people have asked about Lactate Threshold Pace (LTP).  Here’s my coach’s input on it:

“True lactate threshold can be measured by monitoring in a lab or there are a variety of sessions that can be done to gauge it. 
My base method describes it as roughly the pace you can run at for an hour: so something like 10k-10mile pace for most.  Lactate threshold (LT) is, in simple terms, the point at which you can run without producing more lactic acid than your body can use (convert) back to energy. 
Why do we ‘train’ at LT pace?
When you run at threshold pace or somewhere close to it, your body adapts and becomes more capable of clearing the lactic acid, reusing it as energy for your muscles.   Over time, you can raise this threshold pace and run faster before fatigue kicks in and forces you to slow down”

*Looking forward to running mine this week with my girl Kate Raleigh!

My Weekly Inner Philosophical Debate:  NEW SHOES THOUGH

This week I went to get some new trainers (girly scream).  I was last fitted properly in June 2017 before running the Columbus full (in Mizuno Wave Inspire) and since had a couple of pairs of Saucony Guide (both medium support shoes).  I thought it was about time I got some expert help again.  So, I went to Fleet Feet in Blue Ash.  Without planning this, but secretly hoping for it, I had the pleasure of being assisted by yet another local running legend, Heather Fencik!  When I first met Heather she was on day 600 of a running streak that went on to exceed 1000.  She’s a pivotal member of the local MRTT (Moms Run This Town) group and just one of those smiley, encouraging, lovely people who is blatantly and undeniably passionate about running.

Anyway, my shoe fitting was quite simply the most awesome thing!  I’d never experience anything like it.  Honestly, technology is RIDICULOUS!  I was shown over to a little platform and was told to stand on it barefoot.  Heather plugged it into an Ipad and within seconds I had a bionic scan of… MY ACTUAL FEET!


Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 9.24.00 AM

Then Heather was equipped with all this data – about MY FEET!  Their length, width, arches – everything!  I was mesmerised.  I mean, just I’ve been looking at my own feet for something in the region of 47 years but this was BIONIC!  It confirmed that I indeed did have high arches, something that had been suggested in relation to last year’s tendon issues.  I never actually knew for sure.  Now I do; above average AND EVERYTHING (*fist bump, **is this actually a good thing?).

Pretty much HIGH score!

Pretty much HIGH score (well done leftie)!

I also got the real deal on the different sizes of each foot, thus hinting at the reason I’ve deemed myself every shoe size between a UK 4.5 and 5.5 over the past 30 years.  It’s clearly depended on which shoe I tried on first.



Heather then brought out 3 pairs; Brooks Adrenaline, ASICS GT2000 & my old school favourites Mizuno Wave Inspire 14.  All medium support.  NOT INFLUENCED IN ANYWAY BY PRETTY COLOURS* I tried each pair, had a run around and went by my gut feel.

I chose the ASICS.  It just felt like coming home.  *Navy and pink though!

New KIcks!

New KIcks!

What an awesome, all round shoe buying experience.  I was asked about it after, whether I think the foot scan made a difference to the purchase outcome and I think, maybe, maybe not.  But what was just brilliant was that now I just know things.  There is no speculation now and by gosh it was fun.  Thank you Heather, you are the best – actually, THE best.

And so, 744 miles to race day, I think I’ll need another pair just to make sure they’re both PIG ready.  Heather – got them in yellow?