What happened last week:

I completed all my runs like an enthusiastic little puppy (it was the first week, yip yip.).  By dint of rubbish mathematics, I ended up 3 miles over target mileage and as a  consequence of a week that included the birth of a New Year I ended up squashing 4 runs into 4 consecutive days, one of which was speed and the other long.  It’s OK though, nothing fell off!  As a consequence though I did find my 12 mile long one on Saturday was hard on the legs.  Overall I went too fast for my easy/recovery days but coach sort of let me off – “at least you’re aware of it” he said (phew).

Learning:  Spacing, pacing and… ideally a third word that rhymes? (anyone?)

Exponentially increasing my company

Exponentially increasing my company

What’s on the menu for week 2:

Key runs for this week (it’s a nice one!): 

  • Medium Long: 10 miles (easy pace)
  • Long: 13 miles (including 8 @ target marathon pace, 8:51)
  • Other: 10 x 100m strides (incorporated into an easy pace run)

TOTAL Weekly Mileage Target: 36

Coach’s Briefing Notes:

“These early weeks are mostly about building up the endurance base, and then we add more ingredients as we build up towards the race itself. We sprinkle a bit of that on this week with some 100m strides. This is a pure speed session which will improve form, posture and technique all of which will (hopefully) improve your running economy and help mitigate injury risk.
 Why? Well if you run with an imbalance (rotation, tension, over striding etc.) then one part of the body has to work harder than another to compensate.  Running over shorter distances (like 100-200m) gives you a small window to think about how you are running. 

Elsewhere this week the long run is 13 miles with 8 miles run at close to marathon pace. I’d suggest 2-3 easy, then the MP paced run, then 2-3 easy. Don’t worry too much about nailing the pace you want in 16 weeks time, even if it’s within 20-30s/mile slower, then we’re moving in the right direction. Think of it more as a longer run, with a bit of it faster than ‘chatty’ pace.”


The thing I wanted to pull out this week was just how great runners are to each other.   Every week I get to run alongside all kinds of runners; runners that help me go fast, runners that make me ease up, that make the miles fly by.  But I see it all around.  In the past week or so within the MRTT (Moms Run This Town) group I’m part of, about 20 runners dressed up in Disney costumes to support a runner who’s about to run a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon then FULL MARATHON (really!! she’s doing that!).  *In Disneyland, hence the costumes.  **But these gals don’t need a reason.

All for one and one for all!

All for one and one for all!

On any given day, at 5am, in literally all weathers, awesome ladies from this group get together to run, to give each other accountability.  If a runner wobbles, other runners heave them up and take them for a 5 miler (it’s tough love, but it’s love).

Runner’s pace each other to PB’s.  *And reward it in awesome, lovely ways (thanks Rohrsome!).

I LOVE them!

I LOVE them!

In my UK running club, 35 runners went out like a swarm of neon bees to support and welcome back a fellow runner who’d been benched by a really bad accident.

We've got your back, and your shoulder and your ribs....

We’ve got your back, and your shoulder and your ribs….

They run alongside beginners who are completing their first 5K.  They get worried if they think someone is overtraining or changes their shoe brand.  Runner’s stand in the cold to cheer on their friends and run them in, even in onesies.


I love runners.