Having lived in Malaysia for 3 years, I hadn’t seen a lot of UK TV advertising for a while. Over there the ads appear to work on the basis of a glossy, highly energized Asian getting highly over excited by the product they are peddling and basically saying something along the lines of BUY THIS.

Having arrived mid December we missed the John Lewis lead Christmas crusade, although I was aware of a few facebook shares about an old man on the moon. So, it was to my delight that I was suddenly treated to the Tena Lady ski lodge ad.

Suddenly on my screen was a sassy lady skier with extreme goggle marks. She says something along the lines of “so, I have zee panda eyes….c’est la vie” in the most blasé and brilliant French accent.  It sort of reminded me of “I fart in your general direction” from Monty Python’s Holy Grail. I was in love with this advert already. They had me at zeee panda and I was opening my wallet ready to buy whatever was on offer.

Then it is revealed that she is advertising Tena Lady pads for leaky bladders and the dream is complete. How utterly, stupendously brilliant is this?

I wasn’t sure what to think of Tena Lady ads for a while. There’s that one with the mischievous looking lady who gets her skirt caught in the lift or bursts out laughing and says oops. All I know is that I certainly talked about it on more than one occasion. It was certainly disruptive.

Up until that point Tena had advertised sort of predictably using older ladies walking along beaches all with the implication that they were quite possibly coming to the end of things. All I have to say is trampolines, skipping, star jumps and babies. I think that’s all I need to say about that, but if you need more I will just say that having a baby can rearrange things in a way that are not conducive to trampolining. They were on to something by making their protagonists a bit younger I reckon.

The lift lady ad was funny, but it may still have just been funny peculiar. It was still open to a little bit of mockery. Ski Lady to me is proper funny. It can’t be spoofed by anyone trying to mock bladder weakness because it’s already laughing at itself. When you can suddenly laugh genuinely about something that was formerly a bit taboo, the sting is removed like a doc leaf to a nettle sting.

And I’m fine wiz zat.