For 3 years I lived in Kuala Lumpur. I wrote 105 blog posts at It was viewed 9,491 times by 5069 visitors. It was not quite the Huffington Post but it was all mine. All my bleeding heart poured onto the keyboards of 2 pink laptops over the course of a 3-year expatriation. It was therapy, catharsis, a brain dump, love letters, apologies, status reports of life, confessions, madness, observations and hidden messages to people whom probably never read or never realized.

I missed it.

So I’m starting another one for all those reasons listed above. This blog will be my omnipresent outlet for musings on life and everything mentioned above.

By introduction to my new cyber spot, I am choosing to say a little about the metamorphosis about which this post is entitled. On 18th December 2015, Family Wilson left Malaysia after 3 years of expatriation. I’m approaching the 3 month mark whereby according to known models, I should be bang smack in the middle of the misery described as reverse culture shock. I’m really not though. I’m not shocked at all. I love England. I never set out to leave it. I always set out to come back to it and if I leave it again that will always apply.

I also loved Malaysia, but you know what, it’s still there. I miss the friends I made there, but they are still my friends. I don’t miss the weather because I like all weathers.

There was greatness to our 3 years in Malaysia but when you think about it, there’s greatness to life in general. It’s those love letters and not so secret messages I was telling you about, it’s:

  • A poem written and performed for you at a brilliant dinner party (Malaysia)


  • Reading a 1000 page book with in great company (Malaysia)


  • Getting book recommendations from them still (UK)
  • Laughing at a whatsapp photo of a keyring of a pig’s bum from an old friend who’s now at a rodeo in Texas, or a screen grab of a cardboard box for sale or a beautiful testimonial for my (this!) website (in the UK from KL and Houston)


  • Waking up to a voice message from a gal that makes me smile on impact and feeling like she’s right next to me (UK from KL)
  • Seeing your daughters face light up as her grandparents plant a toy hamster singing rawhide on the door step as they hide behind a car laughing (UK – this happened!)


  • Seeing my daughter’s smiley face as she emerges from her classroom on any given day (anywhere)
  • Running 21km with your husband beside you in sleet and feeling lucky and warm inside (UK)
  • A daffodil (UK)
  • Roti Chanai (Malaysia)

Far from an exhaustive list but still, some of these things happened in expat land, some after; the chronology has no bearing on their brilliance.

And so Malaysia Mummy Morphs, but really I’m not morphing at all, I just live somewhere else. The cyber regeneration is thus complete. Malaysia Mummy is now Jackie Wilson. I didn’t feel a thing – did you?