I love watching them, trying to second-guess them, making up fictional ones, observing what real ones do. I really love being one. I’ve made two and I really, really love them. I married one (am not sure if alternatives are even legal, I didn’t check), and I love him. I love life and everything it has to offer.

These are the reasons I spent over 15 years in the corporate world translating human observation and understanding into creative brand plans. They are exactly the same reasons I started and love to write.

Human insights excite me; those things that happen that make you nod your head, the things that make you shout, “YES that!” out loud. The things that can make you feel better by knowing it’s not just you. The things that help you understand those who are not you. The things that might just make your laugh – or cry. Then there are the things that motivate a dairy business to make it easier to open a pack of cheese or a baked goods company to make fluffier crumpets (YES that!).

And so, if you need any of these things – if you need an article that makes the reader nod or shout “YES that” get in touch. If you need to find or translate some human insights into a plan for your brand, get in touch. Or, if you just fancy a chat about running, books or how to manage little humans, get in touch. (I know nothing about the latter, but would love to know if you do).

Jackie Wilson Freelance.

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